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Call for Applications

Call for Applications

On the occasion of Guru Preyarchi / Tamil New Year, the President of Arsha Vijnana Gurukulam, Smt Rajashree Jichkar and the chief Acharya, Swamini Brahmaprakasananda are happy to announce a two-month online course followed by a three-month residential course in Advaita Vedanta & Sanskrit. The medium of instruction of the courses will be in the English language.

The two-month online course will start on July 13, 2022. The course will present an introduction to Vedanta and a basic knowledge of Sanskrit. The class timings for this course will be as follows: 7 AM to 8 AM IST (Introduction to Vedanta) – Swamini Brahmaprakasananda Mataji; 8:30 AM to 10 AM IST (Basic Sanskrit) – Sadhvi Tilaka. 

The three-month residential course will start on October 5, 2022. The course will be a pre-requisite to the Fifth Three-year Residential Course which will be announced later.  

The course will present a syllabus on Advaita Vedanta including Introduction to Bhagavadgita, Katha Upanishad and some Prakarana Granthas. And also, it will have classes on the Sanskrit language and an introduction to Paninian Grammar, traditional shloka/stotra chanting and aligned subjects.

The residential course will involve a minimum of four hours of instruction per day, and it may come to 7 hours per day towards the end of the course. It is likely to be a hectic course. All classes are compulsory. Seva timings will be announced at the time of the start of the course.

We invite applications from those who already have previous exposure to Advaita Vedanta and Sanskrit, preferably from any teacher of Arsha Vidya Parampara.

Requisites for the applicant:

  1. Men or women of age between 35 and 65 years,
  2. Should be, at least, a graduate from any of the University courses,
  3. Should be fluent in the English Language,
  4. Should have worked in a job for, at least, five years in any field.

 As per the tradition, the teaching is free. There are no tuition fees. In ancient times the rulers supported the Gurukulam where such knowledge was imparted. In modern times, such support systems are few and are not adequate to cover all the expenses of the course. Therefore, we are constrained to ask the students to make a minimum contribution towards the infrastructure and maintenance of the Gurukulam.

The final admissions will be decided by the chief Acharya and the President.

For further details and for the application form, please check www.avgcourses.org For more information contact +91 98902 93641 (Sri Swapnil Jatkar, Admin) or +91 93074 24990 (Sadhvi Tilaka) or send an e-mail to online.avg.nagpur@gmail.com